We began the process by exploring the theme weather and nature phenomenons. With this in mind we created a series of sculptures that explores and illustrates the force of nature. The series consists of five objects that each in different ways contains traces of elements like, degradation, humidity, wind and movement. The surfaces refer to a process where nature over time, will take control of their basic materials and return to zero. 


A sculpture that visualize movements of swells. Swells is a series of mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air and often referred to as surface gravity waves

Materials : Oak, copper, beech

HxBxW : 30cm x 8cm x 80cm


The instrument indicates seismic movements generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other seismic sources. The sculpture will tell us how big the measurements were by leave marks with the brass pendant on the copper panel.

Materials: Oak, brass, steel

HxBxW: 70cm x 35cm x 25cm



Hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring moisture in the atmosphere. The construction consists of a large oak cylinder, turned brass components, carbon rod and horsehair. The horsehair is tightly fastened between the carbon fibres. The moisture in the air will make the hair expand or contract.

Materials: Oak, brass, carbon fibre, horsehair

HxBxW: 100cm x 80cm x 20cm


Breeze is a series that shows wind direction. Wind is caused by differences in the atmospheric pressure. When it occur differences in atmospheric pressure, air moves from the higher to the lover pressure area, resulting in winds in various speeds.

Materials: Oak, birch, copper, steel, brass.

HxDxW 100cm x 10cm x 10cm