Værbitt is an exhibition at Galleri A that will focus on professions and knowledge that is about to disappear. In a combination between painting, drawing and sculpture Kneip and Jørgen are trying to create a dynamic between two-dimensional surfaces and three-dimensional objects. The paintings are based on occupations that through time have changed a lot because of efficiency and technology such as. agriculture, forestry and fishing. At the same time knowledge, crafts and traditions that are about to disappear. Knowledge they think is important to preserve for posterity. The sculptures are based on weather and natural forces. The surfaces refer to a process in which nature over time will take control of their elements and return to zero. There is also a tension in the interaction between man and nature in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The overall picture of the exhibition is bound together in a theme, which is about time, nature's influence and our roles in a changing society. There is also a certain irony in the paintings in relation to gender roles and how we often romanticizing of earlier backbreaking toil.


Opening night