Objects of curiosity


Kneip, 2015
Brass, aluminium, lead, steel, stainless steel, paper, sand, electronics, plastic, stone, foam

Is a collaboration between Pega-Cut and Kneip as a part of the Passionswege for Vienna Design Week. Pega-Cut is a water-jet cutting company founded by René Gabriel based in the 10th district of Vienna. The series consists of nine sculptures made from a combination of new and found components. The whole project is one big experiment exploring different phenomenon such as magnetism, mechanical motion, wind, crafts, deformation by vacuum and material properties.  For the first exhibition (Vienna 2015) we finalised nine sculptures out of a great number of experiments. For future exhibitions of Objects of curiosity there will probably be further experiments manifested into sculptures. The project is inspired by Wunderkammers (cabinet of curiosities). Wunderkammers was originally a room or a cabinets filled with objects from trips around the world. It was a way to “show off” in the sixteenth century upper class. The collection often contained ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiquities. Wunderkammers conveyed symbolically as a microcosm of theatre of the world.